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Get in on the world’s fully-autonomous
fast-food restaurant revolution

We transform fast food delivery restaurants into fully automated units.

Since our establishment in 2019, Hyper Food Robotics has been designing, building, and operating fully autonomous, mobile fast-food restaurants for global brands.

Our IoT-enabled 40-foot container quickly transforms into a fully-functional branded restaurant, instantly ready for carry-out or delivery.

We offer full supervision, in addition to complete maintenance and repair services so you can be sure your fast-food outlets are always in excellent condition.

Hyper is stirring up a buzz throughout the global food, retail and technology industries.

We scale up fast-food chains 10X faster.

We scale up fast food chains 10X faster, utilizing a revolutionary plug-and-play model and technology for rapid expansion and extreme growth for any fast-food service operator.






Ice cream

Hyper delivers
complete solution to:

Multinational fast-food and delivery chains looking for rapid growth

Companies that wish to develop new fast food delivery chains

Existing restaurants that wish to incorporate robots and technology

The booming trend of Ghost Kitchen and Aggregators

Our full solution is revolutionizing the fast-food industry. Today

A Quantum Leap in Profit

Comparison reflects: 1 year full activity
Average order price: $15
Average order per day: 200 units
Working hours: 10:00 to 23:00

A Quantum Leap in Cash Flow

Tripling the accumulated cash flow for any fast-food chain, aggregator or operator

Hyper starts with launching 120 restaurants
Annual sales of $1M per location
Traditional restaurants hit 120 locations in year 10

A quantum leap in sustainability.

With Hyper’s fully autonomous fast-food units, businesses can scale up to a fully sustainable ecosystem where no food goes to waste, and no chemicals are used in the cleaning process.

A quantum leap in food safety.

Fast food businesses and especially customers can enjoy better, safer, perfectly consistent, 100% hygienic food products without human contact.

A quantum leap in labor management.

The labor shortage is hitting the restaurant industry hard. With Hyper, fast-food businesses will never experience a shortage of employees.

A Quantum Leap in Technology

Zero human interface. 100% automation.

Machine Vision

Remote command & control by utilizing 120 sensors and 20 AI cameras

Self Sanitary

Cleaning mechanism, custom cleaning units for mechanical systems

Temprature Control

Temprature sensing for each section of the platform

Temprature Control

Temprature sensing for each section of the platform


Patentable robotics, machinery and food handling elements


Patentable robotics, machinery and food handling elements

Real Time

Production & inventory management


Cluster management of multiple stores

Data Driven

Analytics & multi-later end to end software

Fully IOT

Cyber protected platform security

Stainless steel

Steel & corrosion free materials for the food industry

The Hyper is real.

Get a small taste of a restaurant in action.

we’re Hyper.

Udi Shamai, entrepreneur and owner of Pizza Hut Israel, with more than 30 years of experience in the field, has, in recent years, encountered many difficulties – from labor to food safety. He realized that the current situation must change and that the field of food, and fast food, in particular, is at the forefront of the Second Industrial Revolution. He has brought together the greatest experts in the fields of food, robotics, and mechanics, among others, and together they formed a winning team that has been working on Hyper’s brainchild – the first fully autonomous store.

Harel Shafran


Led highly complex projects for an elite air-force unit. Lieutenant Colonel in the IDF. 23 years of leadership in a complex environment

Udi Shamai


30 years in fast food retail chains management. Owner of Pizza Hut Israel; Founded and invested in various system startups all in the retail zone.

Yariv Reches


25 years as founder and CEO of various startups, including Arcos Technologies, ATX Networks, Vertigo Rainmaker.